Saturday, 17 August 2013


Hi everyone, my name is Phonsina Archane, a YALI 2015 (Young African Leaders Initiative), a fashion lover and an entrepreneur. I was born in the Republic of Congo in 1993 and spent my childhood in both cities that is Pointe – Noire and Brazzaville. I have a passion for fashion, civic engagement and business.  I believe that we are all born great, capable of making a difference in the world. Just as there is bad in all of us, there is greatness in all of us. It lies upon us to decide what to hang on to.

At the age of 10 I left Brazzaville and moved to Guinea – Conakry. Then moved to Uganda at the age of 12, graduated high school at Kampala International School and went on to find the love of my life “Fashion” in Kenya. Where I got contaminated with the “24/7 hustler-spirit”. I started blogging in 2013, engaging in online retail and registered my first business in 2016.

Through my online activities, I got my first job with an advertising modelling agency. Still pursuing Human Resources Management and Community Development, I went on to work with the UNDP and was later on selected that year as a Mandela Washington Fellow (YALI 2015) under the civic leadership track with focus on Youth, Girls and Gender empowerment. A bracket in which I have launched and participated in a number of projects.

I moved back to my home after graduation, launched my business “VIVID AGENCE” and got involved in a number of social and entrepreneurial activities ever since.

I am a creative by nature and love to inspire and feel inspired. I am bilingual and so is my blog. 

Stay Fabulous!