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I have publicly put myself out there as a “broke girl “and I don’t regret it. Sometimes people assume I am all about being cheap, well the answer to that is “Yes” and I am not ashamed, many of us are broke.
I consider a broke girl, someone who is still trying to make it in life. Maybe you have just finished school and looking for a job. Someone who is still in school; Someone who owns no property of their own with their own income; A person who is still dependent and anyone else thinking and worried about their future financially. To me, it doesn’t matter what your parents earn, how you live and who you hang out with. At the end of the day, as my mother always told me “it’s not yours, it’s mine”. Think about it, when you are stripped of all that, what do you have that you can call yours? Personally, I got my clothes, my computer and my phone and my savings that can last me maybe a week or a month then I am fucked.

As a broke girl, fashion is a big thing to me. Looking good is something I love to do, getting compliments for looking good is like the icing on the cake confirming that “ Yes gurl, You killed it” . But how do I do it on a broke budget, not low budget, broke budget.

The first thing you need as a broke girl is;
CONFIDENCE. Nothing will look good on you, if you don’t believe that you are all that. No matter how expensive or cheap what you are wearing is, if you are not feeling yourself, nobody will feel you. Sometimes I wear about 800Ksh or less from head to toe, (Yes from hair to shoes) but I trick everyone into thinking I am around 10geez. CONFIDENCE IS A STAIN, WEAR IT EVERYWHERE DON’T WASH IT OFF.

CREATIVITY. Only my true broke girls will understand this one. Recycle, resuse and restyle. Those are the three economic R’s of a true broke girl. I live by them every day. If you are not a broke girl reading this right now, I challenge you to step into our broke girl shoes, take a walk into my world. Choose one item of clothing in your closet. Wear it for 7 days and if anyone asks “ is that what you wore yesterday? “ You fail. It can be a jacket, a vest, a pair of shoes, a scarf, a hat, jeans… etc. To make it more interesting, you can document your week, and tag #b4bg or #beautyforbrokegirls. You will be surprised just how amazing and exciting creativity is. If you are a fashion blogger/ trendsetter blogger/ stylist blogger, why not do this too? Let’s have some fun.

BROKE GIRL BUDGET a.k.a BGB. You need to take your broke girl budget everywhere you go. Don’t be embarrassed, nobody will care when you rock that celine handbag you got for half the price. Have that bargaining attitude with you always. Quick story, I am a born bargainer, I give my mother a PHD on getting good deals and I overheard my dad one time bargaining my school fees. Yes it’s that serious, runs through our DNA. But remember that there is a code to a Broke Girl Budget guidebook. Always bargain good stuff, no fakes, and remember fake has stages.


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