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Am I happy? 
Relationship Tag (Valentine’s special)

Someone randomly asked me this week; are you happy? That question got me thinking hard almost all week long. Am I happy?
We spend our lives complaining of what we don’t have and wishing we had this and that. Personally, I am guilty of that! I complain about almost everything, I complain that I am short, I complain that my parents are overprotective, I complain that I go to school, I complain that I don’t have thousands of friends and so much more. We spend our lives being ungrateful for what we have; if only we could take a second to realize, hey it’s not really that bad. So last night I was watching criminal minds and in one episode, an ungrateful family was murdered because they did not appreciate what they had. I learned one thing from that episode. There is always someone somewhere wishing to be in your shoes and having what you have. If you don’t appreciate it now, you may just be wasting a good life. Remember that happiness is a choice. But sometimes I choose not to be happy, I refuse to see how lucky I truly am or how blessed this life has been to me.

So for this Valentine’s, I choose to take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of this, a part of this awesome blog that I am in love with. It being the week of love, the month of love and butterflies, I bring you “Relationship Tag Valentine’s special”. I also want to thank my mother for being my mother and my all time role model. Appreciate what you have, today tomorrow and always, make something out of it, don’t just sit back and say Thank you God, but instead think of how you can use and maximize your blessing, someone somewhere wishes to have just half of what you have. With all that said. Let’s talk about relationships, love, crushes and secrets.

1-   Do you have a date for Valentine’s?
Yes! February 14th

2-  Which famous person will be your ideal date?
Mmmmh so many to choose from… But I will have to say OBAMA! Yo! He’s the president. So I will have him obama self.

3-  Have you ever been hearbroken?
Oh yes! My heart got stitches all over it.

4-  Who is the ex you regret leaving?
None! Lesson learned! Thank you! Bye bye!

5-  Are you currently in love?
There comes a time in life when you just can’t get someone out of your thoughts, no matter how hard you try. I hope I answered that.

6-  What do you like in a partner?
Patience .  Because I am nuts, don’t Let this pretty smile fool you.

QUICK BROKE GIRLS GIFT IDEA: Are you in a long term relationship with your partner? Are you more than just lovers and now best friends? You can laugh out loud, play together. If so then here is a quick idea. It’s quite a lot of work but it’s worth it, your partner will never forget it. Buy a set of playing cards, and on each card write one thing you love about your partner, do not repeat a single one. For more fun, you can choose to cut out words out of a magazine or newspaper and stick them on.

7-  What turns you off in a partner?
Drama, insecurity, boredom!

8-  What are your best qualities?
I am confident, I am crazy, I am determined, I am extremely loyal, I am traditional and I am very honest.

9-  If you could say something to your ex, what would it be?
Hope you good!

10-               What is the greatest thing about being single or dating?
Freedom + savings. Lol guys its true! You save more when you are alone. Dating is fun, that’s all I can say about it. Lol

11-                If you could receive any present for valentine’s. What would you want?
Nothing really... Experiences are better than material things. They last forever. I am a broke girl (hence my blog) so experiences are more precious to me. You don’t need to spend to flatter me.

QUICK BROKE GIRL GIFT IDEA: For this second Valentine’s Day cheap idea. Get a big piece of paper; I think they are called A2. If you have pictures of special places you have been to or special moments, cut out the pictures and make a collage. You can also do this with an A4 paper. Write down places and memories that is only special to the two of you. For a little more touch. You can frame it.

12-               Ever had a one night stand?
Let me put it like this…. I will update you. I am not dead yet! Not losing hope.

13-               What was your longest relationship?
A year

14-               Have you ever been cheated on?

15-               Do you believe that Age is nothing but a number?
Of course. Personally I am an old soul, so got to be older than me by about 5 years, that’s perfect. Maximum 10 years older. I know you are all wondering, why do you like old people?. Games!  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus mentally, I am really old. Lol

QUICK BROKE GIRL GIFT IDEA: For this next idea, if you are both music lovers, make a playlist of your favorite love songs or just songs in general, but they have to mean something to you and your partner, then burn it in a CD. If you want to do a bit more than just give a CD. Make sure ya’ll get down with the playlist. Like beyonce says; “I do it like it’s my profession “ ;-)


Well now to answer the question. Am I happy? It really is a difficult question. I am still working on some things, wishing I didn’t have to, but that’s life, it’s not a bed of roses. So I will say; I am content for now! So I’d also like to ask each one of you, are you happy? Take a minute to think about it, not just one factor. You can drop your answer in the comment below.

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