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Hey guys! As you all know I don’t post anything without research first. I got nominated for the “Sunshine Award” And do you know what that tells me? That I am doing something right. Honestly speaking, I have my moments, I woke up this morning and thought to myself, you know what, I am going to close down my blog. Most of you must be thinking “Why?” “Are you okay?” . Yes I am fine guys, I just had a down moment, I have had so many great opportunities lately and I am just watching them get blown up and I am like “Wtf is happening” I don’t know. Honestly speaking I am not the giving up type of person, because at the beginning I was deing for 1000views but look at me now. 15000+ views, but I still felt like a failure. Anyway that time of the month I guess, or almost. I was ready to come home and said, I am done (I was thinking it, but didn’t believe I can do it). So I got a call from a really good friend of mine I knew back when I was doing my degree, we meet and he says “He wants to help me with my blog and other things”.  Then I thought to myself, “You must be kidding me right?”, I was speechless and if he reads this, he will remember, I didn’t know what to say. This is crazy guys, everytime I have one of my meltdowns I come “this” close to closing down everything then someone comes along and reminds me why I shouldn’t, I am actually doing something good. But don’t get me wrong, I believe in failing before I succeed, at the same time, I am a depressed, emotionally unbalanced woman. Honestly speaking, I love you guys, so much but I am only human.

Who nominated me?
Thanks to Karen for nominating me and giving her appreciation for my blog, now it’s words like that keep me going, we all need it from time to time. Thank you girl for seeing the creativity in me as I see in you, keep inspiring all of us bloggers and followers and do your thing.

What is the Sunshine award? 
To be honest it’s trending and has been on rise for a couple of days now, according to my research. So the Sunshine award was created to celebrate and pay tribute to the creators, performers and promoters of art. In my understanding they promote creative minds and encourage creative minds to grow. The sunshine award was solely a carribean tradition but has now expanded to south America, Central America and Africa (Yay us J ! )

Sorry I did not gather much information on this and for what I can tell you all is, I love this “Sunshine award” Because it’s a way of us bloggers getting to know each other and finding out which bloggers actually are amongst our viewers. And the “Sunshine Award” project is a gift to us all because they appreciate what we do and a bit of appreciation is worth more than material gifts, because that is why we all blog, not because we want material compensation from it. I also saw on another webpage that the winners were already announced, but I think this is another one.

As part of the rule to claim reward, I have to write 10 interesting things about me. Here we go:

1-   While growing I did not walk until the age of 2 years old

2-   I don’t like Romance movies

3-   I have a phobia of little things crippled in a small place. For example, ants, tiny dots, even worst looking at something inside a microscope and seeing the little molecules. No thank you.

4-   I am a bare-foot girl. I do not like shoes!

5-   When I was fourteen-fifteen, I was travelling and wore a thong for the first time and high heels. We were in Ethiopia at the Airport and it was raining so I fell on my butt in the rain water and I could hear people holding their laughs in, my skirt slid down and exposed my underwear. Most embarrassing moment ever. I think that’s why I still can’t walk in heels.

6-   I ate a weed cookie only one time in my life and I literally saw dolphins, I think I was tricked into eating it, luckily I was in my house. I saw a sea, dolphins, I heard voices and became paranoid as fuck! Never again, now that I know how it smells, can’t get me no more.

7-   I have a scar on my right cheek that was due to burn, I was playing with fire and the plastic landed on my cheek.

8-   I am a princess. My grandfather was a king of our village and now he’s no longer around (R.I.P grandpa, I love you) and now that makes my daddy a king.

9-   I had a dream once that I actually died, and felt my spirit leave my body, it was very strange but felt so real.

10-                Most little girls dream of a fairytale wedding, I just want a big house.

the 10 blogs I nominate

Winnie the Fashionista : Go check out my friend's blog if you speak fashionese. Well you better, or learn because she has dope posts.

Joska the trend: Sounds about right, want to know all that is trending in fashion? make sure you visit her blog and keep yourself updated. I also did an appearance on her blog, you can click the following link and check me out. 10 ways to wear the denim shirt with B4BG

WanjiruStyles: This is one of the first blogs ever that even refered to me in a post, it was a pleasure and ever since i go back to her blog anytime i get the chance to and quiet learning how to do my eyebrows.

bella the coffee berry: Have i ever mentioned that i am a big stalker? now you all know, i met bella one time at NFM and got home, googled her blog Asap. Now i just can't wait to find her on instagram. this lady as killer style.

Beeauty In My skin: Thanks to being creative and blogging, we get to inspire others along the way and this is one blog i inspired and it is bookmarked on my computer. It is a blessing knowing that you are doing something right.

My Fashion Cabin: The reason i nominate this blog is because she nominated me and i want you all to go check out her blog.

Humans For Equality: I am against inequality and that is my field of study, anything that causes other people harm i stand against it, and as the hot topic lately. Homosexuality is the concern and I publicly and proudly stand for it. Check out this awesome blog and learn instead of judging.

Star Girl: I am not only a blogger but a big time reader too, and guys meet where i go read, read and read. her articles are beautiful and you will get hooked

Tamale: This is one of the blogs I follow, it's a friend from way back in high school. She is born on November 6th, i am born November 5th. November babies = creativity. if you like my blog, you surely will like hers

Ladywannabeblog: I love a blog with a good catchy name and this one made the list for me. I found her page on facebook and i am following her. she probably doesn't know who i am but I love her blog. :-D and i know that name makes you wanna click. just do it... cmon. hehe



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