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Hi loves, welcome to my blog, the only place you can look fabulous on a low budget. I will show you all the secrets on how to look expensive when you are broke. Believe it or not, everyone judges your physical aspects before getting to know you. First impression is everything. On that same note, an employer will first judge you by the way you are dressed, that is why people take out suits on interview days. But when it comes to a fashion interview; that is where the cards are not the same, because you are not only presenting your intelligence but also your personality, how do you do that? How easy is it to look official, but still in style and exciting? It’s not just suits and black shoes. This post is actually inspired by my own experience, I had a fashion interview this week and I spent hours deciding on what is appropriate, what is fun and what will best portray me? Then I found it. But before we see what is was; I invited a few friends to help me out on this post.
I decide to reach out to a few friends all over the world and together we will give you guys the best tips and inspiration on how to dress to a fashion interview without looking boring.

NOTE: Please do note that, all outfits or styles represent a different position for employment, which is why I reached out to friends, some interviews require you to be, very formal, some may require casual or something in the middle. Click on blogger's names to be directed to their blogs for so much more. Thank you

WanjiruStyles: I chose to feature Wanjiru because she is a busy woman, on that grind 24/7 and who better to get inspiration from than someone who has to go through it every day? Although her job is not in the fashion industry but her passion for good clothes is. Every opportunity you get, let them know that you are not only intelligent but you are presentable. Because some people employ based on the looks; Make the organization look good, it makes you approachable and opportunities will come your way quicker than the others. In other words, stand out!

Imperfect Muse: If I was the employer, and someone came dressed like this for an interview? Sweetie you made the cut already. A person who knows how to dress well is most likely smart too, experienced, creative, risk taker and unique, those are qualities most employers need in their business especially if it is a fashion interview, make a statement before they even ask your name. They will name you already, “That good looking girl over there with amazing style”. Fashion is about standing out, being you. A fashion interview is about living a great lasting first impression. Thanks to Nelly for great fashion inspiration.

WinnieTheFashionista: I had to put this style up, for those that say, you cannot wear tights to an interview, ask Winnie to explain it to you in fashionese. These particular tights you can wear them, rock them, and get the job. Remember this is not any type of interview but a fashion interview, black suits and a black shirt will not do it. You will fade away and be forgotten. Let the whole outfit not be too revealing, as you can see her curves are not very much exposed, she still looks sexy, fun and smart.

MY OUTFITS: These are the three outfits I handpicked for my interview. A dress, jeans and my lovely polka dot pants. I am remixing the shoes 3 times because I had to wear something from my blog, they said Come with you CV, and I am just wearing part of mine. D.I.Y ANKARA PRINT SHOES

THE DRESS: This dress is from my April stock, make sure to check it out and its 800ksh! There are only a few items left, so please hurry and grab yours, they dry up fast you know.

THE POLKA PANTS: I am wearing this outfit with a crop top that I made on the blog, you can see it’s tutorial here: How to turn your stockings into a top? . I got the pants for only 30bob and I can’t believe my eyes but I am wearing less than 50ksh. That is not even $1. Dayummm!

Photo: Phonsi fillin up them pants... I look damn good, i ain't lost it!

THE JEANS: Earings: Nairobi Fashion Market (Free I was bought for)
Neckpiece: 400Ksh (Instagram:SFRTGRG)
Ankara print pumps: Done by me!
Blonde and blondette vest: 50ksh
Zara jeans: 200ksh
HM jacket: 150ksh
Gucci bag: 200Ksh

Total: 950ksh ($11)
Who said to get designer you had to spend thousands or hundreds? I think my Gucci is fake but the leather is real. Lol.  Last but not least, do not forget your most important accessory, confidence: worth a million bucks. It’s the only thing that is going to make you shine.

Visit this Instagram account to purchase the best accessories: Chains_and_things follow the page and tell her I sent you for a great discount. Muah. Much love! Almost all the accessories I wear, I got it from her.

To find out which outfit I actually wore for my interview, follow me on instagram or like my facebook page, I am going to reveal it. But do tell me which one of all these 6 styles you think I should pick inspiration from or wear to a fashion job interview.



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