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Last week may 31st was FAFA gala at the oval in Westland. This was actually one of the biggest fashion events in Kenya as always. I have been waiting to attend a FAFA event since 2011. Never gave up sending applications and I got chosen to be part of it this year. It was an honor to experience how the event is planned. But let me break the news already, I did not attend the main event. Yes it hurts because I waited years for this one day, actually these few hours. But I ended up not going, a lot was going on in my personal life and it somehow crushed my dream, but let’s look at the positive side, I may have not made it to the end, but I got a taste of the ride, , I waited 3 years, I can handle the wait. So because I couldn’t make it, I felt the need to look at what every single person wore and I admit I am not the most fashionable person out there but I have a say in some of the outfit choices.
Please note that, this article is not intended to make fun of anyone, especially their talent or who they are as a person. I just felt that we need a “Kenyan fashion police”, not because we got people to arrest but the entertainment industry in Kenya is growing so fast and getting big at the moment that we are seeing a lot of creativity and also madness. It’s time to talk about the good, the bad and the “Heck no”.

First of all, Hi girl, I love your music, and let me just say that you did NOT shut it down here. I expected so much more. You have killer style we all know that, I spent over 30+ minutes on your instagram because I can’t get enough of your fashion sense, but here, you look like you just woke up one late Saturday, hangovered and rushing to nakumatt to get some milk. Why this outfit? It looks more broke than my situation. Just saying…

When I saw this picture, I was speechless, brought me back to my happy childhood days, the skirts are beautiful and the way they both wear them is just perfect. That red, is so hot on Silvia Njoki, I can feel the heat; and ladies, this is how you smash it at an event. Make a statement and be remembered. I am about to get me a tutu skirt. Thank you girls!

I am not saying this to be mean but my grandmother has this exact table cloth in her house. I get the vision of the dress, beautiful cut but wrong material. Picture this right next to kim kardashian’s curtain dress and we have a house. Most likely full of stacked cash which will make most of us envy but keep the dresses, share with me your bank details…

Lovely hair, perfect make up, beautiful woman but wrong pedicure, the shoe is beautiful and works well with the dress but when I look at the shoe I see the purple pedicure and I am disappointed, your manicure is also different. Make a decision. The dress and the neck piece both get a combined 10 from me; Great choice. Although I must ask, was it a bad panty day too? I don’t get what’s going on around your tummy? My conclusion; Good dress, good accessories but all over the place…

If I had to choose to fall in love? This dress stole my heart. Great detail and great accessories. I would hate to be your friend, because I will envy that dress so much. I am certainly not a fan of that shade of color but with this dress and on you, I’d go citrus any day. This is what FAFA is about and if this is how up your fashion game is, honey you are getting in for free every other shows.

What a beautiful woman, your confidence shines through but that dress is not helping. I am sorry to say this but this dress is almost like a nun's dress and does not flaunt your body. But thumbs up on your confidence and you are wearing that dress, it’s not wearing you. Confidence is everything. 

Another one of my favorite dressed at the event. Three words, Classy, beautiful and fun. The way it fits on her is very appealing, and this may sound weird but the distance from her chest to her head is very elegant. So yes her neck is beautiful and so is her face. This was nice to look at, simple but fabulous.

Give It up for my friend for killing this outfit. She looks amazing and I love how that beautiful dress has an African feel to it. She looks flawless. 

Meet the guys who helped in the event, Give it up for my other friend, almost bestie for taking it another level, bringing Indian style to FaFa. Usually he is rocking Versace but he is all about being versatile, and does this outfit justice. Congratulations.

I hope I did not offend anyone. I spoke from a personal fashion point of view only and I know some people will definetly disagree with me and I am open to critics, you can tell me what you think below in the comments. Let’s discuss, what do you think? Which one is your most or least favorite Kenyan celebrity style? So once again, I hope no one is offended but if someone is, all I can say is this quote “Opinions don’t pay the bills”. So please, share and enjoy.

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