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Hi everyone, welcome to those random topic posts and today we are going to talk about a topic I never mention. Bleaching. It has become so popular amongst black women lately, and I don’t blame the black community or the people not against bleaching, I don’t blame us black women. I blame the media. There is a belief that being light skinned gives you a greater chance to be noticed and to stand out, so we are all going “yellow” as if the sun wasn’t bright enough. Recently Vera Sidika had an interview where she publicly spoke about her “investment” in skin bleaching, and quote she said that she was “improving her body”. Does that mean that being dark skin is not good enough? And apparently bleaching her skin has improved her career. Recently commercial modeling adverts are in high demand of light skin or mixed women. This feeds us into thinking that, to make it I have to be lighter. It’s not about insecurity but acceptance. 
For the small percentage thinking that black women are trying to be white, no we are not, we grew up believing that light is better than dark, white is better than black, day is better than night, pink is better than black… etc. Think about the time “blacks” were oppressed by whites and that makes us think until today that whites are better than us, most of us do, if there is a black person out there shaking his/her head “Na lie”. There is always that feeling of insecurity when you go for a job interview and it’s black against white, or sports, modeling… etc. We have that thought in the back of our minds that never seems to go away, as if racism is still a big issue the only difference is, people don’t talk about it anymore. It has gotten old, just like war and terrorism is a big issue but people don’t care. The less attention we pay to it, the more it looks like it does not exist.

But let’s face it, what would this world be without differences, it will be boring, as humans we spend too much time appreciating what the other has that we forget to look at our own blessings. It’s human nature to envy, wanting what the other has; there are whites who wish to be black and blacks who wish to be white. This issue will never go away. Same as, tall people wish to be short and shorties like me; wish to be blessed with a few more inches. Humans are naturally unsatisfied.
 Being light skinned or skin bleaching has become an obsession and I must say it got to me too, just like all of us. 90% of black people vote against it but many do so to appear “more black”. Should whites also be against tanning?. Women started enhancing their beauty before Christ and will keep on doing so. It suits you to bleach? Go ahead, not my place to judge because I am not in your shoes or have lived the life you have. As for me, fake hair and fake drawn eyebrows for life.

To answer the question, am I bleaching. The answer is, No I am not bleaching. Thanks to watching 21 seasons of America’s next top model, I learned great photography tips, If you face the light while posing, not only does it make it easier to edit the picture but you look clear. This is not a black or dark skin trick; all races are recommended to face the light. A great example will be; With no camera flash, take a picture of you with the lights off, then another with lights on, and choose one. Finally, my skin doesn’t make me who I am. Yes I have had days where I thought to myself “thank God I am brown skinned” or “I wish I was light skinned” But it’s not my fault. Its society’s fault and we are just slaves in it.

Me, currently. 


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