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Hello beautiful people, its been long since I posted anything about me. Today I want to get a little personal and share with you 10 random facts about me. Don't laugh and don't judge lol. 

Salut les amours, ça fait un bout de temps que j'ai posté un sujet sur moi. Aujourd'hui, je veux rendre cet espace un peux intime et partager avec vous 10 faits bizzares sur moi. Vous moquez pas et ne jugez pas lol.

so, VOILA!!!

1- I had my first kiss at 13 years old. "Sorry mom" lol

1- J'ai eu mon premier baiser à l'âge de 13 ans. "Désolé maman" lol

2- I don't work at work, I do my office work at home at night. So during the day I am looking at blogs, reading news, writing, watching Game of Thrones, or studying free online courses. "Sorry boss".

2 - Je ne travaille pas au travail, je fais mon travail de bureau la nuit a la maison. Donc, pendant la journée je regarde les blogs, lis les journaux, écris, suis Game of Thrones, ou étudies des cours en ligne gratuits. "Désolé boss".

3- I hate having only one Job and currently have 2, there was a time I had 5. My dream is to one day have 3 well paying jobs.

3 - Je n'aime pas avoir un seul emploi et j'ai actuellement 2, il y'a un moment j'avais 5. Mon rêve est d'avoir un jour 3 emplois qui paye très bien.

4 - I don't like weaves, and if I put on a weave, it has to be human hair. So I want to cut my hair when I run out of natural hairstyles to do.

4 - Je n'aime pas les tissages, et si faut en mettre, je mets les naturelles. Raison a laquelle, je veux me couper les cheveux quand j'aurais plus de models natuels à faire.

5 - Okay this is not so ramdom but you need to know, I look very tall in my photos, but I am only 5ft tall.

5 - Okay, ceci n'est pas si bizarre mais il vous faut savoir, j'apparais très élancer mais je ne suis que a 152cm de taille.

6 - I still sleep with a teddy bear. I got her when I was 14 years old, I named her Noela, and now she is 7years old. She had a brother "Pika" who I lost lol.

6 - Je dors toujours avec un nounours. Je l'ai depuis l'age de 14 ans, elle s’appelle Noela, et a maintenant 7ans. Elle avait un frère "Pika" que j'ai perdu lol.

7 - I want to learn how to skateboard and whistle before I die. Whistling is actually on my bucket list. lol

7 - Je veux apprendre a faire les patins à roulettes et à sifflet avant de mourir. Siffler est même dans ma liste d'activer avant le jour-J. Mdr

8 - Everytime I put a picture of me on facebook, facebook tags my mother! Weird!

8 - Chaque fois que je mets une photo de moi sur facebook, facebook tag ma mère! Bizarre!

9 - I do everything last minute. EVERY-THING! Even this post is last minute.

9 - Je fais tout de dernière minute. TOUT! Même ce poste est en dernière minute.

10 - I am obsessed with reading blogs, if you ever commented on my blog, you know I have been to your blog at least more than 3 times. That's why I ask you all to always drop your links, to easen my search lol. But Thank you!

10 - Je suis obsédé de lire les blogs, si vous avez déjà commenté sur mon blog, vous savez que j'ai fait un tour dans votre blog au moins plus de 3 fois. Voilà pourquoi je vous demande toujours de déposer vos liens, sa rend facile ma recherche lol. Mais merci!

There you have it! 10 random facts about me!!!

Voila! 10 faits au hasard sur moi !!!

Thank you so much for visiting! <3

Bloggers, don't forget to drop your link in the comments section so I can check your blog/website.

Blogueur, n'oublier pas de commenter ci-dessous votre lien blog/siteweb pour que je puisse jeter un oeuil. 

Stay Fabulous!!

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  1. This is so nice. I smiled reading these random facts about you. You must be so hard-working ...(five jobs a day).

  2. This is so nice. I smiled reading these random facts about you. You must be so hard-working ...(five jobs a day).

    1. Thank you Yvonne.
      I just enjoy contributing into something bigger, no matter how little the pay is, if I believe in the idea or project, I will do it and give it my all.

  3. Haha Rshan, pika? In swahili that's cook, why pika?
    This was interesting, loved it.

    1. Hahahaha I don't even remember how i came up with that name lol

  4. Interesting stuff.You once had 5 jobs!!Woah! And I understand why you're obsessed with reading blogs.I have that too.

  5. Hahaha you don't work at work. That was funny! The whole post was very interesting though. It was a great read. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks darling, have a fantastic weekend as well.

  6. Your boss is so firing you or giving you a warning letter after reading this. I love weaves and wigs especially human hair, I have natural hair but I find it hectic. Your mum will whoop your ass, at 13? I was 18 when I had my first kiss. I love that you are hardworking. It was great to know more about you!

    1. Hahaha, praying they don't come accross it.
      Thank you Meron

  7. Such great random facts! Love your blog <3

  8. Interesting facts. 2 jobs Hun that's a great deal. Enjoy your week

  9. I am obssesed too with reading blogs..I love these random facts..

    1. Blogs are so different with each read and very interesting.

  10. Funny! You are a person I would like to have a coffee sometimes...
    I don't have time for blogging lately but still read yours :)
    Love, Nelly.

  11. This is interesting to read haha. I never had a teddy bear in my life...i think i should get one and name it haha

    1. Hahaha.
      I used to love teddy bears, now I am just bored of them, but they are awesome to cuddle. lol

  12. Hon, it was great to learn all these fun facts about you! So you are 5ft, you want to have up to 3 well paying jobs...well I have 1.5 jobs, .5 coz the other is part time and hon the stress and struggle is reaaal!! Hope you learn how to whistle soon, that's so cute ( :

  13. Great post! You must be really hard working if you have 5 jobs. Kudos to you girl you're definitely my goals at this point in life lol. I really love your blog btw keep up the good work.